Spravato Nasal Spray Treatment

  • The initial series of eight treatments will take place twice a week for a four week period
  • Each treatment appointment is two and half hours long with the nasal spray being administered at the beginning of the appointment.
  • Continual monitoring of Blood Pressure, Heart Rate and Rhythm and Oxygen Saturation by a compassionate and experienced Registered Nurse who is present for the entire treatment.
  • Setting is a quiet room with a comfortable, reclining chair and music available.
  • After completing the initial series of eight treatments, patients will begin booster treatments, which happen on average once per week.


Payment and Insurance

Payment and Insurance MindPeace Clinics are solely focused on patient care, and do not accept insurance at this point in time. We do, however, provide super bills that will help our patients obtain reimbursement from some insurance providers. Given the ever changing insurance plans, it is virtually impossible for us to know if your plan will cover this treatment, so we advise all patients to check with their insurance provider to determine how much of this treatment is covered. It does remain the patient’s responsibility to pay for the cost of each treatment.

Additionally, the Spravato website offers assistance in navigating insurance reimbursement process by providing resources through a program called the Janssen CarePath. You can find out more about that program here.



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